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How To Create A Walled Garden

Category: General

walled gardenTraditional walled gardens are in all our minds at some point or another. We visit them at stately homes and chateaux and we read about them in romantic novels and fairy tales suited to all ages. They really are the things that dreams are made of when it comes to landscaping. Many people think that their dream walled garden is out of their reach, but they can be reality. In this article, we want to show you how to create your dream walled garden using our Innes Building and Timber walling blocks and accessories that you can find here.


It’s a misconception that you need a huge space or an already private garden to create the walled garden of your dreams. You can create a walled garden with either a big or small space. In fact, the smaller the space (within reason) the easier your first walled garden will be. 

It helps to think of your garden as a room when planning your outside space. In the same way that there are big and small bedrooms, there are beautiful and enchanting big and small walled gardens.

Planning your walled garden

The key to getting your walled garden right is in the planning. Plan, plan and plan is the best advice we can give you. Not only will planning mean that your end result will be way better, it also means that you’ll save yourself from potentially costly errors. The key to planning is knowing the purpose that you want your walled garden to serve. That seems odd to some people, but knowing if you want only a relaxing space or if you want a place to go and relax AND a kitchen garden for example will affect how you plan what you put where.

Creating your dream outdoor space

Creating your walled garden on a DIY basis is easier than you think when you have the right support. At Innes Building and Timber, we have teams on hand to help you get your plan spot on, as well as knowing exactly which materials will work best and how much you’ll need and when. These Carluke Walling Rumbled Buff Black blocks are really stunning and will look great exposed in the early stages of your walled garden and later when they are playing host to your plants.

Finishing touches

If you’ve never built a wall before, you’d be forgiven for thinking a wall is a wall, but in fact that’s far from the case. Before you start your walled garden, make it your business to look at walls when you’re out and about and you’ll see what we mean. The likes of these copes and caps take walls to a whole new level and will make your walls into real features. Again, using these in the right places to maximum effect takes planning, but do include them in your plans – and you’ll soon see what a difference it makes at the end. 

If you’re ready to create the walled garden of your dreams, simply make your choice here and order online or call in to meet our team and get all the help you need.

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