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Composite Decking vs Timber Decking

Composite Decking

Composite Decking

Are you planning your outside space for the summer months ahead? Is a deck part of your plan? If it is, you are likely to be debating whether you’d be better with composite decking or timber decking.

Until recently you wouldn’t have had much of a choice, but today there is a wide range of both, and while this means you have a greater choice, it can also make your decision harder.

Like most things in life, there’s high quality decking and low quality decking. While few people have an unlimited budget, at Innes Building and Timber, we’d encourage you to buy the highest quality you can afford, no matter which choice you make. In this article we want to help you decide which option might work best for you. You can check out our range of decking here.

What is composite decking?

It’s worth starting by explaining what composite decking is. Put simply, it’s a man-made decking option that’s often made from recycled materials like plastic or wood. In some cases, it’s hard to tell the difference between timber and composite, in others, composite is made to look different deliberately.

When you start to do your research, you’ll see that composite decking comes in a whole host of colours and finishes. You can check out the composite decking and accessories we have in stock here.

Is composite a good alternative to timber?

Composite decking is a great alternative to timber, but it’s not for everyone. Some people are real purists when it comes to materials and they’ll always be against anything man-made. That doesn’t mean that composite decking is a bad thing.

What are the advantages of composite decking?

Quality composite decking first and foremost looks great and is highly functional, but the big advantage that composite has over timber is that it’s low maintenance. There’s no sealing, treating or annual maintenance required. All you need to do is regularly sweep down and wash your deck to keep it looking great.

It also comes in a broad range of colours that are ready to lay as you can see here. In addition, because it’s not a natural product, it’s less likely to fade, warp or give rise to splinters if you’re someone who likes to walk around outdoors in bare feet.

What about cost?

Composite decking is more expensive in real terms than timber decking. In some cases, up to 3 times more. However when taking into account the low maintenance and longevity of the product, it more than pays for itself over time.

How do I choose the best option for me?

The secret to making the right choice between composite and timber decking is to do your homework. Before deciding which you will plump for, you should speak to people who are fans of both. At IBT we believe that for certain people composite is right, and for others they’ll never consider anything other than timber. We respect that. What we can help you do however is make the right choice for you, your garden, your lifestyle and your budget.

Visit this page to check out our composite decking options, then order on the product page you choose online.

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